Haunted Places

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Ryde Hotel, Walnut Grove, CA

[Picture of Ryde Hotel]

The Ryde Hotel built in 1926-1927 is the third to bear that name. The first two were sited on the parking lot that currently exists next to the hotel. Built during Prohibition, the Ryde Hotel attracted movie stars, politicians, and mobsters. Hidden tunnels are said to exist leading from the speakeasy in the basement to the river where patrons could escape onto a boat in the event of a raid. The Ryde Hotel closed sometime in the 1950s, re-opening again in the late 1970s as a "Swinger's Palace." At some point in the 1980s, the name of the hotel changed to the Grand Island Inn. The Ryde later resumed its name.

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Old Washoe Club, Virginia City, NV

[Picture of Washoe Club]

The Washoe Club opened for business on June 1, 1875. Its members included mining magnates, men of letters, and artists. Within five months, the fire that swept through Virginia City destroying the town also consumed the building. Production from the mines started falling in the late 1870s and the Washoe Club ceased to exist in 1897.

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San Francisco Bay Area

Mare Island, Vallejo, CA

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Sierra Foothills

Hotel Léger, Mokelumne Hill, CA

[Picture of Hotel Léger]

George Leger was a German immigrant and Francophile who came to California during the Gold Rush. In 1851, Leger opened his Hotel de France (a wood-framed tent) next to what was then the Calaveras County Courthouse. When the county seat moved from Mokelumne Hill to San Andreas in 1866, Leger bought the court for his hotel. In 1874, the name of the hotel was changed to Hotel Léger.

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