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Back Roads

When exploring the Sierras and other remote parts of California one must travel om some of the little-used back roads of the state. Some of these old roads follow the trails the old gold-miners and settlers of yore used to get supplies or travel from one place to another.

Forgotten Towns

One of the things I have always enjoyed is seeing new, interesting places. The most interesting places are those located away from the busy interstate and CA state highways. Many of these are boomtowns that saw a rapid growth of population and wealth from the time in the nineteenth century when fortunes were made and lost as the mineral wealth of CA was extracted from the earth. The towns remain vibrant for a short time until the nearby mines and placer deposits were played out. Soon after, the boomtowns lost population and influence, slowly diminishing until they have became virtually forgotten.

Gold Rush Towns

As opposed to the forgotten towns mentioned above, there are a number of Gold Rush towns that still exist today that have a sizable portion of their boomtown populations. Many of these towns now rely on tourists rather than placer miners to keep business running.

Lost Towns

Some of the boomtowns have been completely lost to the changing needs of California with only plaques to recall their former fame and mark their location. The sites of some of the mining towns are located beneath the waters of reservoirs built for a growing population. Other mining towns, like Quartzburg (roughly 3.5 miles on Highway J16 northeast of Hornitos), do not have historical plaques as there is nothing left to indicate their existence (other than a tombstone or two on private land).

Other Places of Interest

In the course of our travels to and from the mining towns, we have come across other sites and towns which have ties to California's past. This page covers those places that cannot be referred to as "mining towns."


Discovery of my ancestry has been a huge undertaking in the last 10 or more years. As I probe my genealogy, I'm pleased to share pictures and of information about members in my family tree.

Ghost Chasing

OK, yes, I am crazy. Start knitting that sweater with extra-long sleeves now. You've seen it on TV, but I promise you that my real life experiences haven't been nearly as spooky. At least, not so far. Check out pictures of and information about overnight visits in haunted locations. No ghost hunter am I, but someone who finds the whole adventure fascinating.

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